Aluminium bi-fold doors


Thermal break - ensuring superb thermal efficiency

Strong durable aluminium, minimising risk of scratches and dents

Tested to meet the UKAS accredited standards for security and severe weather

            rating category C, BS 6375, part 1

Available in standard Ral colours

Frame width:  83mm

Frame thickness:  99mm - 155mm

Maximum opening width:  12m

Maximum height:  2800mm

Panel height range:  750mm - 2800mm

Panel width range:  900mm - 2800mm

Glass units:  28mm thick

Aluminium thickness:  1.75mm

U-value 1.72

Hardwood bi-fold doors


Hardwood timber throughout from sustainable sources

Engineered hardwood used for greater strength and stability

Factory finished in an automated paint plant, with 3 coats of  micro-porous paint

Available in 30 standard colours, or match to a Ral colour of your choosing

High performance glass as standard

Factory glazed with concealed glazing pins

Smooth bottom rolling mechanism eliminating the need for strong upper beams

Cill covers to avoid dirt build up in running tracks

Guards which work like a snow plough to remove any debris

Drainage holes to flush away water and dust

Adjustable hinges for fine-tuning

Secure multi-point locking as standard

Up to 8m widths in any formation

Create a wall of light in your home by adding bi-folding doors and completely open up your home into your garden.  Available in both Hardwood and Aluminium, Farley Gardens Rooms designers will help you choose the right bi-folding doors to suit both your home and your style.  Our bi-fold doors are built to the highest standards from quality materials and with the precision you would expect from the finest craftsmen.  Comfortable and secure in winter, then slide open your bi-folding doors partially or fully open in  Spring and Summer to blend your home with your garden, allowing the warmth of sunny days to flow through your home.

Bi-Folding Doors

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